Kaylee & Ana

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kaylee AKA Momma's Helper

Kaylee is becoming such the little girl and not the toddler. She is so amazingly smart and always blows us away with something new she says or she knows. And she is so dramatic with everything she does whether it's dancing, talking to someone, whatever. When she talks to someone she puts her hands on her hips and is very animated. She loves to tell Ana & I that she loves us and when we say it back she claims she loves us more. But the last week or two she has started to say "ya" instead of "you". She tells me "mommy, i want to hold ya", or "I want to help ya". Helping is another huge thing these days. She loves to help cook! I let her crack the eggs in the morning which is more of a squeezing with both hands until the egg explodes. Needless to say I spend sometime getting egg shell out of the pan but she feels like she is making breakfast so that's great!

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  1. hey chick :) just checkin in on you. how's your summer going??