Kaylee & Ana

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day With Friends

Last week we decided to have a small get together at gramma & papa's hse. We invited our good friends Katie & Jose & their son Brody. Turned out to be perfect weather for the kids to play in the pool while I made my chicken enchilada's. The main reason I decided to do all of this is because both my parent's and Katie & Jose have really helped us with bringing dinner over to us and watching the girl's, etc. So I wanted to treat them for a change. The kids played in the pool for awhile and then papa john took them all in the wagon around the property. It was a great day and the girl's slept great that night!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Here She Comes!

I absolutely love seeing Ana come around a corner all grins! Makes my day!

Ana Up In The Air

We've got quite the little dare devil already! Ana loves being thrown in the air! Can't get enough of it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kaylee and Momma

Every night Kaylee & I have a routine before going to sleep. We process our day together & this has become my favorite time of the day. I always ask if she had a good day? And she always has the same response, "Ummm yeah". And then depending on what we did I'll ask questions on certain details, like the other evening Brian took the girl's to a friend of ours house for a b-day party. I first asked if she had fun, which ofcourse she said "yes" and asked if she got to eat b-day cake and she told me "ummm..no. I ate food". And then she'll begin to tell me things that happened. Which this night she said "Brody hug me", "Kaylee lubs Brody". I asked her if it was official that they were going to steady? "Ummm..yes." And then she goes through all the people that she loves, asks me if daddy is sleeping, is naners sleeping, finally I convince her that yes, it's bedtime and everyone is asleep. So she says "okay mommy, lub you, nigh-night". But after a few minutes I hear "winkle-winkle lil sta"...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ana Almost 9 Months Old

Miss Ana has been hitting some major mildstones in the last month! She got her 2 bottom teeth at the very same time and now working a top one coming through. She had just gotten sitting up on her own and within a few days I looked and she was up crawling. Now she's so fast at crawling & also lifts herself up to a stand while holding onto anything possible. She is also the happiest baby! Always smiling & laughing, from the moment she gets up in the morning! She also loves to be home. We will be out doing something and the moment she gets through the front door she starts smiling and squealing! Kicking her legs in excitment! She is also quite the chunkster as everyone knows! Her & Kay are wearing the same size everything! Diapers, clothes,etc. And most important she is daddie's girl! As soon as he is home from work she dives for him! And everyday he'll sit on the couch with her sitting next to him. She gets right by him and snuggles into his side with her blankey and falls asleep.

Kaylee's First Crush

Brian and I have recently started spending time with another couple, Jose & Katie, they've got a son Brody whose just a little younger then Kaylee. Over time Kaylee & Brody have gotten to become very good friends. We couldn't be happier having them spend time together, we enjoy visiting with Jose & Katie, plus Brody is honestly just the sweetest little boy with a laugh I just love!He is so sweet & loves having Kaylee & Ana over never getting upset by Kaylee playing with his toys. I just found that remarkable! A toddler who loves to share. haha..At night Kaylee always go through the day and talk about whatever we did that day. And then she goes through a list of "I love you's"-"I lub mommy, I lub sister, I lub daddy, I lub papa & gramma" and now at the beginning of it she says "I lub Brody"...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reason I Started This

I had a blog for Kaylee & once Ana was born I'd created one for her as well. When my computer crashed I went months without being able to update both I thought I'd create one blog that had both my girls and what they were upto so that family & friends that aren't close enough to visit would be able to keep up with these little ladies that seem to change more and more everday!