Kaylee & Ana

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Begins

I think the last couple years Brian and I have been in bed by 8pm even on New Years Eve but this year we had the Perez Family over to hang with us and bring in the new year. Surprisingly, Kay & Brody, as tired as they were made it to 12. By 12:05 Kay was asleep on the computer desk chair and snoring.

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  1. we made it!! we my daughter fell asleep in my bed with her best friend, my son & i barely made it snuggling on the couch. and my hubby was actually home! we invited friends over so i think that is the only reason we were awake, ha ha.

    when the count down ended and we kissed our loved ones my son looked at me and said "That's it? That's not very exciting." ha ha