Kaylee & Ana

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Off She Goes..

Last night Ana officially began walking on her own! Dec 8th! Almost 13 months old. She was starting to stand up and hold onto things around 9-10 months and Kaylee was exactly 11 months when she took her first steps. We've been anxiously waiting until she felt confident to it and she did! And she grins sooo big and Kay claps for her. Hope to video it soon!

My Toddler Kaylee

I've always figured that after the whole "terrible two's" those meltdowns and strong personalities didn't just fade away when they turned 3. But I doubt anything could've fully prepared me for what "Kay the 3 yr old" would be like. In alot of ways she is always amazing us with these new things she learns on her own or from just paying attention. Her vocabulary has always amazed me and when we put our Christmas Tree in yesterday she said "Oh mommy, is so bootiful"! While holding her hands behind her back. And all day she has been bringing her "babies" over to the tree to "See Christmas". She is just starting to understand that Santa Claus is someone who will visit us and leave presents. I thought we'd draw him a picture instead of the cookies though. It has been tough though convincing her that the Santa's she's been seeing are not papa. haha

Gobble Gobble Day 2010

We had an amazing Thanksgiving like we always end up having! Our original plan was to keep it low key which it really always is. My mom, fortunately, was feeling a little better and was able to be out of bed and be out with the me and the girl's. The food as always was soo good! I should've gotten more of Ana eating! Man I think this may be her favorite holiday already!

Halloween With the Funk's & Perez's

It's become our little tradition to go trick or treating on Halloween at the Wharf. It's perfect for younger kids since it's not super long, still daytime, and much fun. We went with our good friend's The Perez Family. If you haven't noticed they are much more like family now! Brody was the cutest Firefighter and not only did we think his costume was the best but so did most others that walked by. Kaylee was a Harley Mechanic and Ana was a chubby fairy princess. This was the first year that Brody understood what she was supposed to do however still shy to actually say "trick or treat" so she blew kisses as "thank you".

November 13th 2010 Ana Turns 1

We were surprised when our best friends The Perez Family showed up like mid-morning of Ana's 1rst bday. Her original big 1rst bday bash was called off because gramma deb was very sick again. But we weren't about to not celebrate this little girl's big day. Katie made our new favorite-Red Velvet Cake and hopefully I can upload the video of us singing and of her tearing up her very 1rst big piece of cake. Her outfit shown on these pics were also from them. I was really touched by it all.

General Update

Obviously it's been sometime since I've updated this and now I'm pretty overwhelmed on where to even start..So bare with me while I try to address all the newest things with the family.