Kaylee & Ana

Friday, September 10, 2010

Late Night Play

I took this video one night because it was way past both of their bedtimes but also the first time they really were playing with eachother. Since this night the girls are bestfriend's, always playing together or getting into something together. The most common thing that happens is that poor Ana gets a big glob of shampoo on her head and ofcourse with no water. So I end up with Ana in the bath.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Teeth For Ana

We were noticing that Ana wasn't sleeping well, running a low grade fever, and more fussy then usual. Ana is truly that happiest little girl so it doesn't take long to notice when she isn't feeling like herself. I thought maybe she'd gotten a cold since the previous day we'd gone to the Wharf which was much cooler and windier then outside our apartment. But while I was changing her diaper I was making her laugh and I saw 4 new top teeth about to break through! And just huge ones! Brian said she is so advanced for her age she's getting her adult teeth in already!haha. It took about 3 days of warm cloths, teething ointment,etc. And all four ended up coming through (the same time) the night before the zoo. Needless to say she is back to her funny self!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

San Francisco Zoo Sept. 2010

Last sunday we got treated to a day at the San Francisco Zoo. Our good friend's Katie & Jose picked us all up at around 8am and even had breakfast with them! We arrived at the zoo right before it opened so we got to park right in front and had no lines to wait in. I was very excited for Kaylee & Brody to see all the animals but it didn't take long for me to be just as excited. Which is why I took 159 photo's that day! haha!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Post For Kaylee

Kaylee will be turning 3 in October and everyday she says or does something that either cracks me up or makes me realize how fast she growing up. Her newest thing is whenever I'm talking to Brian or someone is talking and their voice gets louder, Kaylee puts up her hands and says "Mellow.mellow. Its okay, no skeeming(screaming)." And if she says it to me it's "mommy,mommy, its okay, mellow. No yelling at my daddy". I always smile when she says this and I try and tell her it's okay, I'm not yelling at daddy, everything is fine. She is just the sweetest person to everyone! Papa john took her to the park to "skeem"(swing) and she ran upto a small group of girls and says "Hi! You soo cute! Hug"? The kids are always a bit freaked out by this ofcourse. haha.

Her favorite things now are singing, playdoh, swimming, and anything princess. Oh and firetrucks! We live right up the hill from the boardwalk so there is a firetruck that goes by us daily. Kaylee gets sooo excited and they wave at her. She always yells "Bye guys! Be careful"!